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larkeslider2Larke Miller is a Vancouver based stand-up comedian who is generally regarded as being funny for a woman, and attractive for a comedian. As a teenager, she began acting in film and television in Vancouver. Her love of comedy and writing led her to Los Angeles where she was accepted into the Groundlings program. It was in Los Angeles, that she began performing stand-up comedy.

Early on in Larke’s stand-up career, she was selected as a Los Angeles finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. This led to her comedy being seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She has won a number of comedy contests, including the Shifting Baselines contest, which was judged by Larry David, Bill Mahr, Tom Arnold and Julia Louis Dreyfus. Larke had the honor of performing at one of Richard Pryor’s last birthday celebrations.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of Larke’s stand-up career, was being asked to perform on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Larke is in a stand-up special which premiered in 2012, and airs regularly on CTV/Comedy Network. In 2013 Larke filmed a part in the indy feature “Sitting On The Edge of Marlene,” which will be seen in festivals in 2014. She also played a character on The Hallmark Channel series, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”


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